Sydney Airport AED Rescue


Pam Bombell described it as an amazing gift -- two Virgin ground staff saving her husband's life when he suffered a heart attack at Sydney Airport.

The Gold Coast couple had just arrived in Sydney on April 4 when 63-year-old Bryan Bombell, who'd suffered an irregular heartbeat for the past decade, began feeling unwell.

"He just got to the middle of the concourse going down to the baggage collection and he said 'I don't feel well, I need to sit down', and as he said that his legs just buckled and he fell flat on his back on the ground and wasn't breathing," said Mrs Bombell yesterday. "I just started screaming."

Mr Bombell was saved by ground staff Jack De Lange and Daniel Phillips, who revived the father-of-two using one shock from a St John Ambulance mobile defibrillator, and their CPR skills.

After three weeks in hospital and a triple bypass, Mr Bombell was reunited with his saviours at Sydney Airport yesterday, bringing wife Pam to tears.

"Without all your help Bryan wouldn't be here," she said. "It's an amazing gift."


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